Gave Up

Hi there.

Have you ever gave up on something you’re good at?

Or at least you THINK you’re good at it?

Because I just did.

I just gave up on my English, despite my love for it. Despite what most people said about my English. Despite my English accent being American even though I’m not one.

I’m done with English.


Because I was never good at it.

Because I was never great at talking with people.

Because I have never been able to produce good ideas for my writing.

Because I can’t teach others even though they thought I was good at it.

Because I only disappoint others with it.


Never got an A+ on every English test in middle school.

Joined an oratory contest and fucking it up real hard by only standing in front of the audience without opening my mouth.

Failed to write good essays because I can’t think of any main ideas.

Friend asked for help regarding English grammars, still had to look up Google to remember it again.

And last but not least,

Making people have high expectations of you only to have you perform poorly and disappoint them in the end.

Teachers, friends, parents, brothers.

Was it even worth it?

What’s the use of living if I don’t even have anything I’m good at?

Goodbye English.



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